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Reels, Spools, Buoy

Reels, Spools, Buoy

The wreck and cave diving are an indispensable piece of equipment Reels. They are the signposts to your output and the connection to the surface. Underwater Reels and the little brother of the spool or spool pro should the requirements of deep wrecks or underwater caves meet.

Good Reels should satisfy important properties


  •      Lightweight roll off the leash
  •      braided nylon cord (no floating line)
  •      controlled rolling of Reell One by brake
  •      without tangling the line through special design
  •      Goodman Handle for easy operation and work underwater

As an alternative to a reel, there is the spool, Defender spool or Defender Pro Spool.

The spool is to overcome a coil of Delrin with a nylon leash to shorter distances in wrecks.

A classified sicker is also the use of a spool or Defender Pro spool when setting a buoy underwater. The spool is quite small and can be easily stowed in the cargo pocket. An underwater spool should be made of Delrin to make the spool virtually indestructible. Halcyon Defender Pro Spool also feature a locking screw.

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