Halcyon - Pathfinder Reel

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Secure Reels in good processing are indispensable in professional diving. As a safety line in wrecks or caves, they are vital.

An important quality of Halcyon Pathfinder Reel is that the handle is made immediately adjacent to the coil. This guarantees a safe run of the leash and prevents tangling.

Halcyon Pahtfinder Reels have been designed for the demands of deep wrecks and long caves. They have repeatedly demonstrated their reliability and to a unique design.

Halcyon Pathfinder Reel details:


  • Made of aluminum,
  • Hard-Coat finish for long life and the right weight
  • Precision grip to avoid the risk of tangling and allow easy access to other diving accessories
  • Locking screw allows easy operation in cold water
  • Stainless Steel 3 3/4 "Double Ender for easy attachment
  • with 24 # braided nylon cord
  • Available in three sizes 122m, 244m, 366m