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Suex - Scooter Service/Revision

Suex - Scooter Service/Revision

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The underwater scooter is a useful and sometimes also necessary means of transport for the ambitious diver. As with a car, the Suex Scooter should also carry out a regular service or revision. Depending on the load, this scooter service should be carried out after 1 year by a trained service partner. The most stressed area on a scooter is the shaft feed from the engine to the propeller. Here the mechanical load creates the necessity for a scooter revision.

The service includes the following:


  •      Dismantling the propeller
  •      Dismantling the sealing chamber
  •      Check the shaft
  •      Replacement of the sealing chamber
  •      Assembly of new sealing O-rings
  •      Oil filling of the sealing chamber
  •      Installation of the sealing chamber
  •      Mounting the propeller


  •      Dismantling the screw
  •      Cleaning the lock
  •      Check the seals
  •      Fitting the screw


Product Note Status Price
Suex VRX Suex VRX
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Suex XJoy 7 Suex XJoy 7
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Suex XK1 Suex XK1
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