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SeaYa 70W LED lamp head

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The Seaya underwater lamps are characterized by their excellent workmanship, high luminosity and a small handy lamp head with Goodman handle from.

LED Power 70W let the underwater world will be bright. The beam at the SeaYa 70W LED underwater lights is 10°.

The SeaYa underwater lamp heads are available as Spot and as a video light head (see video lamps). SeaYa 70W LED underwater lights and video lights from SeaYa can be additionally connected with a piezoelectric pressure switch on SeaYa 70W LED lamp head. An E/O cord allows you to change the SeaYa 
underwater lamp head. The electronics of SeaYa lamps reduces the power of the lamp head automatically before the battery no longer has enough power. This allows you to safely end the dive, and not to stand in the dark suddenly.

The SeaYa 70W LED lamp head is equipped with an active and passive temperature management system. The active system controls the electronics of the LEDs on the board and reduces the power before overheating occurs. The passive system consists of cooling ribs that are incorporated into the housing to ensure optimal heat dissipation to the environment.

Specifications 70W LED underwater lamp Seaya:

  •     70W LED Spot
  •     3 modes: 100% - 50% - 25% - OFF - Piezo pushbutton switches placed on the lamp head
  •     Angle: 10 °
  •     Color Temperature: 5700 ° K
  •     Luminance: max. 8400 lm
  •     complete electronics in the lamp head
  •     Type of handle: Handle Goodman or ball head
  •     Head Dimensions (diameter x length): 86mm x 74/60mm
  •     made of anodized aluminum
  •     max. Working Depth: 150m




Performance data


  13,8Ah 24,15Ah 41,4Ah
LED 30W 175 min 350 min 525 min
LED 70W 100% 95/40/35 min 180/65/60 min 285/120/105 min
Ladezeit 8 Std.** 5 Std. 8,5 Std.
Gewicht Oberfläche 2,1 kg 2,7 kg 3,7 kg
Gewicht im Wasser 0,8 kg 1,1 kg 1,5 kg

** with LCD charger



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