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OMS - regulator Airstream Evoque

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1st stage Airstream

  • Material: brass - chromium-plated and blasted
  • 2 HD / 4 MD outputs
  • A 3-dimensional hose guide, the HD outlets are 45 ° angled, MD outlets 30 °, thus we achieve    an optimal hose guidance. The Miflex tube (red / black) is thus directly on the shoulder, does not strike a large arch to the mouth, thus allowing a much better head and a low water resistance for the diver
  • Cold water compatible according to EN250
  • Additional ribs for discharging the cold (operating temperature up to -40 ° C)


2nd stage Evoque

  • Balanced
  • Breath resistance Continuously adjustable. No over-rotation and therefore no damage to the valve seat possible (setting wheel runs into a ratchet)
  • Air supply capacity Continuously adjustable
  • Exhalation can be cleaned by means of a removable inspection flap during the dipping (for example, octopus lying in the mud)


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Version 1. und 2. Stufe


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