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The entrance to Sidemount diving is for beginne...

The entrance to Sidemount diving is for beginners often not easy. But that need not be.

Sidemount diving is a diving style, in which the tanks are taken at your sides and not, as in the back mount diving usual, on the back.

By changing the equipment configuration and a corresponding training the Sidemount diving is much more comfortable, practical and eventful as the back mount diving. Anyone who has ever tried sidemount diving, will never want to go back to the back mount diving.

Benefits of Sidemount Diving

The biggest advantage of Sidemount diving is much simpler valve management. All valves, as well as the first steps are easily visible and accessible through the tanks laterally attached to the body. This enables a quick and effective response in different situations. In addition, the tanks can individually to each diver appropriately be attached to the body, resulting in a higher comfort guaranteed. The back is spared, even the fact that the tanks are individually supported and transported and applied only in the water. In addition, the access and egress for boat dives is facilitated.

Through the streamlined profile of the water resistance is reduced, whereby the diver consumes less oxygen.

Even demanding dives as wreck diving, cave diving or technical diving are the sidemount diving not an obstacle, as long as the equipment complies.

Sidemount diving was first applied in 1970 by Woody Jasper for diving in narrow caves and has since established itself at cave divers who wanted to explore parts of the cave that were not accessible by backmounted diving. Thus arose one of the most extreme forms of technical diving. In addition to the cave divers but were until recently very few divers do something with the term Sidemount diving.

2009 started two of the most famous diving equipment manufacturers increased the Sidemount equipment production.

2012 first course materials were presented by various training organizations and trained the first instructors. Sidemount diving was thus an attractive alternative for every diver.

The Sidemount Equipment
Those who already have a full diving equipment, only need to make minor changes to make its equipment Sidemount fit.

The following checklist contains all necessary and optional equipment that are necessary for the Sidemount diving.

    Sidemount Jacket

  • Side Mount System
  • Alternatively, hybrid system, which can also be used to back mount Diving
  • 2x D-rings (optional)
  • 2x Leadfixing (optional to install additional D-rings)

    Tank rigging for 2 bottles

  • 2x Tankstrap / pipe clamps
  • 2x Leadfixing
  • 2x Bolt Snap with big eye and Nylonloop or Bungeeloop for Tankstrap
  • 2x Bolt Snap with Nylonloop or Bungeeloop for cylinder valve (optional)
  • 2x Bungee hose holders or rubber hose holder for Long trousers

    Automatic configuration (suitable for cold water)

  • 2x 1st stage (preferably with movable dome port and MD 5 ports)
  • 2x 2nd stage
  • 1x low pressure hose 60 - 100cm
  • 1x low pressure hose 100 - 210cm
  • 2x elbow 90 ° or 120 °
  • 1x Bolt Snap (small) for the right controller for Wegklippen
  • 2x pressure gauge with 15cm high pressure hose
  • 1x Inflatorschlach 20cm (alternatively, the existing use)

Our SidemountShop www.sidemountshop.de focuses on these diving style, because we are convinced that it is not only reserved for cave divers, sidemount to diving.

Rather, divers should with physical ailments receive an alternative diving ability, eg Diver with herniated discs or divers who have difficulty valve drill have (which inevitably arises during the baking Mount).

When deciding to sidemount diving and choosing the right equipment advises and supports our Sidemount shop staff all divers with skills, expertise and the necessary know how. Whether in a consultation on the phone or in Sidemount shop or in the practical test on Helene See, we are there for each diver.