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SeaYa 30W LED Lampenkopf

SeaYa 30W LED Lampenkopf

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Good workmanship, strong luminosity and a small handy lamp head with Goodman handle. These are the SeaYa LED underwater lights.

LED power of 30W - 70W make the underwater world bright. The beam angle of the SeaYa LED underwater lights is 10 °. The SeaYa underwater light heads are available in two colors (black and red). Video lights from SeaYa can be additionally switched with a piezo pressure switch on the SeaYa LED lamp head.



  •      30W LED (3x CREE XM-L2)
  •      Focus angle: 10 °
  •      Color temperature: 6500 ° K
  •      Luminance: max. 3600 lm
  •      complete electronics in the lamp head
  •      Type of handle: Goodman
  •      Dimensions of the head (length x diameter): 56 mm x 60 mm
  •      Material: anodised aluminum



  13,8Ah 24,15Ah 41,4Ah
LED 30W 175 min 350 min 525 min
LED 70W 100% 95/40/35 min 180/65/60 min 285/120/105 min
Ladezeit 8 Std.** 5 Std. 8,5 Std.
Gewicht Oberfläche 2,1 kg 2,7 kg 3,7 kg
Gewicht im Wasser 0,8 kg 1,1 kg 1,5 kg

**with LCD charger



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Farben schwarz/black
Version Goodman Handle


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