transport Cart for scuba tanks

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Secure transport cart for dipping bottles. The specially designed for dipping bottles hand truck meets all important properties.

  1. The cart is made of sturdy tube material and ideal for the transport of scuba tanks, double tanks, Stage bottles or scooter. You can completely fold flat after removing the thick wheels (good for sandy soil). As a result of storage space it be about in the car or in the storage room.
  2. The thick wheels for easy transport over soft ground.
  3. Because of the two beams at the foot of the cart, is a possible tighten the wing with fully assembled equipment and bottles on the transport cart at embarkation.

NEW: We have the bottle trolleys modified in cooperation with the manufacturer and adapted 'needs in diving or for the transportation of heavy equipment.

  • he bearing surface has been stabilized and enlarged (40 cm)
  • the thick pneumatic tires were increased by even easier and more comfortable to drive over sand or uneven surfaces,
  • the inclination angle of the barrow was changed by a special bend at the bottom axis by tipping the transport cart to make nearly impossible when fully loaded.