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The new Suex VRX is a powerful yet handy & Scooter, the more you can comfortably carry. Neutral in fresh & salt water, by weight trimming.

Technical Details


  • Length: inch 28.3
  • Width: inch 16.
  • Height: inch 13.4
  • Body diameter: inch 7.8
  • Weight without battery:  lb 24.5
  • Weight with battery: lb 35.3
  • Material: Tecnopolymers/Polycarbonate


  • Max static thrust: lb 44.96
  • Top speed: ft/min 213
  • Maximum operational depth: ft 331
  • Auftrieb/ trim:Neutral/Neutral

Lithium Battery

Geschwindigkeit m/min Laufzeit - min
65 100
45 150


NIMH Battery

Geschwindigkeit m/min Laufzeit - min
65 60
45 100


Top speed is delivered with fully charged battery

- Diver : 70kg weight, 170cm high - drysuit - double 12 tanks - horizontal trim
- Conditions : sea water - no flow/current


  • Battery type: Lithium /Nimh
  • Nominal Voltage: 25,2 Volt
  • Nominal Capacity: 512/324 Wh
  • Maximum recharging time: 6,0 h
  • Charger power supply: 110/220 50/60HZ


The Suex ADV Patented Fastening Device guarantees the perfect seal without fastening clips, screws, latches:

  • The scooter is dramatically less prone to any entaglementThe scooter's body is homogeneus without holes, weldings, or others failure triggering points
  • The risk of an accidental opening while dropping or retrieving the scooter into/from the water is almost zero making it possible dropping the ADV even from a moving boat or capable of being para dropped with suitable preparations.



This MAIN SAFETY DEVICE device allows an easy to operate immediate power supply interruption in any situation:

  • transport
  • additional scooter towing
  • gas switch
  • working failure
  • Fully mechanical System : preventing power from reaching the motor; no electronics are used to control this switch.
  • No need to remove or adjust the propeller (which is common among the competition) during a runaway or failed scooter. In order to stop the ADV simply engage the Main Switch.
  • When OFF 100% avoids any accidental start of the unattended unit
  • Machine directive compliant


The speed is electronically regulated adjusting the propeller's RPM with the following advantages:
fixed propeller pitch (thus permitting max propulsive performance)
higher propeller sturdiness (compared to variable pitch devices)
Electronic control
Apart from the main switch and the connector the SUEX ADVs has no other mechanical contact, neither reeds nor relais. This avoids :
- relay sticking
- non-working reed or fusion
Soft start system
This system starts the motor progressively
- eliminates abrupt starting, so it allows a better operating skill in narrow spaces
- eliminates starting electrical input peaks, thus pratically extending the battery autonomy

This sophisticated but simple and reliable unit displays that the MAIN SWITCH is in ON position and remaining power to the batteries.

The indicator is in the form of 9 high intensity blue Led’s in a capsule placed in the rear part of the scooter body. The led capsule is fully water tight and can be easily seen by the diver.
When the diver is towing one or more scooter, the onset indicator can be spotted also by the diver's buddy that can fix the situation.
Please READ owner’s manual for XJ14 – battery gauge has some limitations when not using Li-ion upgrade in XJ14. Using the battery gauge with nimh battery only provides basic information that battery is connected and not capacity data!


  • 100% MARINE materials : ranging from Delrin to PVC, Polycarbonate to stainless steel without any corrosion problem. Marine aluminum is deeply anodized inside and outside.
  • No Aluminum/SS connections removing any risk of galvanic corrosion without the need of sacrificial anode: this does an outstanding job of protecting the aluminum hull whilst completely submerged in salt water. But once out of the water the anode is not longer
    working to protect any stainless steel/aluminum connections and then the corrosion starts.
  • Not welded: SUEX uses only homogeneous material for PVC / Delrin / aluminum? Welds are potential points of water leakage failure, at some point throughout the life of the device, corrosion and stress cracking may occur in welds that do not occur in the homogeneous material


  • High quality Li-ion batteries
  • Certified battery packs and BMS control board
  • Battery Charge LCD read out
  • High quality, multi-functional chargers
  • Battery Removal on the ADV is quick, simple and does not require any tools.


  • SUEX ADVs arrive with perfect horizontal trim; they do not require time consuming or frustrating adjustments.
  • SUEX ADVs are neutral in fresh water and are shipped with precisely molded weights designed to perfectly compensate the difference between fresh and salt water buoyancy
  • SUEX adopts the RADIAL O-ring sealing that makes the scooter neutrally buoyant at any depth within the operative range because the scooter volume does not change at depth.

All scooters require a diver to re-balance the scooter when changing from fresh to salt water and vice versa.
With the SUEX ADVs these operations are very should be quick and easy for the diver thanks to the exclusive SUEX Ballast system.


TRIM is the position the scooter has in the water.
A NEUTRAL TRIM means the scooter is perfectly horizontal in the water column.
A neutral trim is a must for the scooter diving that makes the dive safer and more comfortable.

The ADVs are supplied with neutral trim, i.e. it is perfectly horizontal in the water; by operating on the suggested screws we can achieve a prow (nose-down) or stern (nose-up) setting.


The patented Suex PropLock system allows the diver to easily remove and replace the propeller (even while underwater) without tools and without holding multiple parts.
This allows the diver to quickly remove obstructions or entanglement while underwater.
The clutch's torque remains fixed.

Proplock wechseln - Video


Driving Handle – upgraded ergonomic, rubber design is comfortable and can be adjust for right or left operation plus in-line position for towing or stowing. Position can be fixed if required by user. The wrist is in the ideal position and always relaxed, this is the main thing in the long run. The thumb is never used to activate the trigger because the main use of this finger is to provide the proper grip and control.

Trigger Linkage – simplified and now protected from damage or impact inside strut/leg. Linkage has been upgraded to machined (non-welded) design for added durability and smooth operation. Trigger is larger with increased surface area for easy operation.

Dual speed feature (XK1 ONLY) is upgraded with user option for top or bottom configuration including spacer option. Dual speed feature is useful for maintaining pace with team in high flow or restricted areas.

Auto pilot is upgraded with user option for top or bottom configuration and easily activated/deactivated with finger or thumb. Allows diver to set the scooter to run continuously for short or long periods of time BUT requires attention and proper training to operatesafely.
Accessories mount is upgrade to include 2 inserts for T-Fix accessories. For example, diver can now use bottom timer AND compass for navigation and other accessories. Integrated tow cord attachment points for easy install. Non-operational handle (left side) now compact to eliminate entanglements and enhance hydrodynamics.