Shearwater Petrel 2

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The Shearwater Petrel is one of the most advanced dive computer for technical diving with open or closed circuit that currently exist on the market. It is only 34 millimeters thick and weighs less than 300 grams. This stunning 2.4  full color LCD display comes with a comparatively very narrow frame - so the most important information always remain large and clear. In Delrin housing is a separate chamber for power supply. Behind the almost ten millimeters thick shatterproof plexiglass window sits the new full-color LCD display, which shows a much sharper display and even in bright backlight is extremely easy to read. The piezore- sistive pressure sensor is accurate to 10 cm and holds a pressure of 30 bar. The Shearwater Petrel
can easily be connected via Bluetooth to a PC or laptop. The intuitive operation is as simple as it is ingenious. Petrel is operated via two large magnetic buttons that are triggered by light pressure fast operation with large dry gloves. The Petrel runs in bottom timer mode, in open circuit mode (OC ) and in the closed circuit mode. Each computer will be checked by a staff member prior to delivery in person, the protocol is signed each packing box.




  • Display of depth , time, and oxygen sensor
  • Bühlmann decompression model with gradient -Factor
  • Optional VPM -B decompression model
  • Display of imperial and metric units
  • Custom Menu System at the dive status
  • Automatic shut-off after 15 minutes on the surface
  • depth sensor with a nominal depth of 140 meters sea water
  • Dive Planner
  • Each combination of oxygen, nitrogen and helium can be
  • Open and closed circuit switched at any time
  • 5 gases respectively for closed and open circuit ( OC)
  • Gases can be edited during a dive
  • Monitoring of the central nervous system (CNS)
  • No blocking for non-compliance of the decompression
  • Automatic change of PPO2 limit (conigurable)
  • Two PPO2 limits between 0.4 and 1.5 adjustable
  • 1000 hours of storage for dive logs
  • Protocol downloads and irmware upgrades using Bluetooth
  • 2.4  full color HD display
  • Powered by AA battery or rechargeable battery
  • Freeware Shearwater Desktop Software
  • Dive Log Software Compatibility
  • Color-coded warnings
  • Automatic display brightness