Scubaforce Blade Sidemount

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The outer shell, made from a ballistic Cordura material, offers maximum abrasion resistance and is still flexible enough to streamline and tightly encircle the diver. The inner bladder is made of sturdy nylon and thus offers additional protection against damage.

The connections for the inflator and the drain valve are ultrasonically welded to the bladder and are therefore very robust. European high-tech manufacturing.

The Scubaforce Blade Sidemountwing is available in three versions.

Scubaforce Blade Pure: minimalist and limited to the essentials

The Scubaforce BLADE system can also be combined with a PURE harness. Our goal is the purist of sidemount divers, the minimalist sidemount diver. The Scubaforce BLADE Pure Harness is configured via an upper and lower plate.

Scubaforce Blade Compfort:

The Scubaforce Blade Comfort Harness is mounted directly on the BLADE Soft Pad. The soft pad can hold up to 12 kg of lead. The harness is based on the proven Scubaforce Cobra system. The adjustable buckles are made of temperature-resistant polymer and have a safety mechanism that only allows them to be opened with two fingers. Shoulder pads ensure maximum comfort. The shoulder straps can also be lengthened or shortened at lightning speed. The robust webbing made in Germany and with German quality control

Scubaforce Blade Tec:

At the front, the Scubaforce Blade TECH reveals its area of ​​application. It's about technical diving with the highest demands. The strap, made in Germany, runs over the shoulders and with the included metal accessories, the BLADE TECH is everything a technical sidemount diver could want. For your safety underwater.

The Scubaforce Blade Sidemount System is a well thought-out, very robust sidemountwing for recreational and technical divers.