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OMS Public Safety Harness has been designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of public safety divers worldwide. Everything from the stainless steel backplate for different torso lengths and special hardware to the sling in the shoulder area. Key components are special stainless steel hardware for long life in extreme conditions.

The Public Safety Harness is designed for the extreme requirements of public safety diving. The rugged design allows the use of public safety devices, open circuits and surface devices. The purpose-built harness is strong enough that the rescuer is able to cope with the task with the possible additional burden of the forces of nature.
This system works with all
OMS wings and is compatible with the Interspiro Dive System while using the optional rail accessory.


  • NEW OMS stainless steel backplate (adjustable for divers from 165cm to 185cm)
  • The hip belt is equipped with a fast cinch design for the quick use of the diver
  • A sling is built into the harness to lift the diver out of the water (this carries up to 600kg)
  • QuickRelease stainless steel D-rings each up to 300kg load capacity
  • up to 8kg capacity per side with special weight plates
  • 5cm crotch strap with sewn-in DPV ring included