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New Seaya 30W NARROW LED lamp head (Farben: schwarz/black, Version: Goodman Handle)

The SeaYa underwater LED light heads are very handy and impress with highest quality workmanship, and their performance.

443.00 € *

Divesoft - Freedom (Version: Basic Nitrox)

Decompression computers DIVESOFT Freedom meet most demanding requirements of best technical divers and also make diving safe and comfortable

from 641.00 € *

New Freedom Nitrox Analyzer

The Freedom Nitrox Analyzer is an additional Device for the Freedom computer for Nitrox analysis.

159.00 € *

New Suex XJ VR

The new Suex XJ VR is a powerful yet handy & Scooter, the more you can comfortably carry. Neutral in fresh & salt water, by weight trimming.

2,130.00 € *

New ScubaForce - X-Heat System

The new ScubaForce X-Heat heating system was designed for the special requirements of technical diving.

449.00 € *

Divesoft - Oxygen sensor 22S

The Divesoft  oxygen sensor 22S has a three-pole Molex connector. The accuracy of the sensor is ± 1% of the final value at constant temperature and constant pressure.

82.00 € *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery



Sidemountshop.de is a diveshop that specializes in offering diving equipment for Sidemount divers or those who want to be there.





In our shop will also scuba divers, technical divers who have not discovered the Sidemount diving for a wide variety of diving products.



Our service also includes comprehensive support for divers who wish to obtain advice before purchasing diving products. Also we have several times a month throughout Germany "on tour" with a variety of Demo diving accessories. Whether underwater scooters, diving torches or diving-wing. We are there for you.




As one of the first shops we would like to draw attention to the new Seaya underwater lamps.

These lamps are suitable for their reliability, long burning time and excellent ease of use for the ambitious sports divers, technical divers, cave diver and videographer.



These manufacturers we Releases

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Neue Produkte

The entrance to Sidemount diving is for beginners often not easy. But that need not be.

The entrance to Sidemount diving is for beginners often not easy. But that need not be.



Sidemount diving is a diving style, in which the tanks are taken at your sides and not, as in the back mount diving usual, on the back.





Our service - regulator revision for all Scubapro, Halcyon, Scubaforce and OMS respiratory regulators.